Virginia Republicans side with big pharma over Americans

Rep. Cline, Rep. Wittman, Rep. Griffith, and Rep. Good voted against a bill designed to make America more competitive with China, create jobs in the United States, and help bring down the price goods.

Richmond, Virginia – Yesterday Virginia House Republicans Rep. Cline, Rep. Wittman, Rep. Griffith and Rep. Good voted against the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act – choosing to side with Big Pharma and China instead of vote to create jobs in America and secure our national supply chains. Many Republicans voted against the bill because they oppose Democrats’ efforts to reduce prescription drug costs.

“With yesterday’s vote, Republicans in Virginia made it official – they will side with anyone, even China, except hard-working Virginians. The CHIPS and Science Act is a grassroots, bipartisan bill that will help create jobs and make us less dependent on China, but Rep. Cline, Rep. Wittman, Rep. Griffith, and Rep. Good are so extreme that they would rather try and score political points than strengthen our economy – Virginians deserve better,” said DPVA spokesman Gianni Snidle.

According to the Washington Post, the bill Republicans in Virginia voted against today “would provide $52 billion in subsidies to domestic semiconductor makers…in an effort to bolster US competitiveness and self-reliance.” United in what is considered a key industry for economic and national security.Encouraging the manufacturing of computer chips in America and being less dependent on China for them will help reduce the cost of everything from cars to appliances in which these chips are used, and to protect our national security by working to ensure that we do not rely on China and other countries for these critical components.