Teachers must seek permission before buying or selling assets: Government issues orders

The state government has said that all government teachers must submit their property declarations annually and must also obtain prior approval before buying or selling their movable and immovable property.

The order was issued by the director of school education on June 8 and all joint regional directors and district education officers were told to inform all school employees.

The order was apparently based on a vigilance report on an investigation into allegations that Md. Javeed Ali, Headmaster of Guntipally Government Primary School, Chandampet Mandal in Nalgonda District, was not carrying out his duties and did not participate in political activities and also involved in real estate settlements.

Komatireddy condemns

Bhongir Congressman Komatireddy Venkata Reddy condemned the orders and said that before asking teachers to declare their financial assets, the government should ask all employees as well as people who have benefited from the government to do the same. He said that this circular was an insult to the entire teaching community and that it was only intended to terrorize teachers lest they ask for the benefits that are due to them.

He also asked the Chief Minister to reveal the source of TRS party funds declared by him during the party plenary, apart from details of income and assets of all ministers and MPs.