PDP avoided zoning for party unity and peace, says Bode George

Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) leader Bode Goerge said the party had decided to avoid the zoning deal for its presidential ticket for peace and party unity.

Mr George, who is also a member of the party’s board of directors, made the revelation on Saturday at the venue of the PDP’s special national convention.

He said the party never removed the principle of rotation and zoning from its constitution.

“I want to say that the party has never been in this situation and that’s why I said it was an experiment and there was a caveat because everyone thought that the principle of zoning and rotation had been removed from the constitution, no,” Mr George said. said.

Mr George continued: “…we said that for the unity and peace of the party, let everyone have a chance. This is why we are in this situation. I’m not praying that it’s a matter of north and south because it will be divisive.

The PDP began its convention on Saturday to select its presidential candidate for the 2023 race.

Recall that Mr. George, in April, had warned that the party would be defeated in the presidential election of 2023 if its zoning was not respected.

Also in April, Southern PDP governors insisted that the party’s presidential ticket be zoned to the South, adding that the decision should be made in the interests of fairness and justice.

However, in the build-up to the primary election, the PDP avoided warning and clamor for zoning its ticket, leaving it open to contenders from all six geopolitical zones, with Northern candidates summing up the majority of contenders.