NM Progressives Move My Democrat To The Rim

I don’t know if anyone noticed; but a handful of progressive groups and individuals are taking control of the Democratic Party. Why should we care? Lots of reasons. Democratic elected officials are far more left-leaning than traditional New Mexico Democratic voters.

How did it happen? This is the interesting question. There are a handful of progressive nonprofit groups such as Emerge, Conservation Voters of NM, Olé, Working Families, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, Equality New Mexico, AFSCME, AFT, NEA and others who have come together to form the group they call the C4 Roundtable. Their extreme platform does not reflect the views of the average New Mexico Democratic voter. Their despicable attacks on moderate Democratic candidates have the effect of disenfranchising thousands of traditional Democratic voters in New Mexico. The result is exactly what progressive organizations want – leaving Democrats the choice in the general election of a far-right Republican or a far-left progressive Democrat. Although they have been successful in the recent past, the Democratic Party cannot continue on this path.

Many of these progressive groups have their offices together, they work together on other people’s issues, they canvass candidates, they train them, they run their campaigns, they educate them on issues with their perspective, they fund their campaigns and they elect their progressive candidates.

These progressives are against development, the oil and gas industry, all reasonable gun rights, but are for defunding the police, easing bail conditions when releasing felons, drug legalization, LGBTQ issues, and anything that limits access to public land. These progressive groups attack other moderate Democratic candidates for taking money from businesses, developers, and oil and gas, but look the other way when one of their own agrees to the same. In fact, they wallow at the watering hole like pigs at feeding time when oil and gas money swells the state budget.

New Mexico’s mainstream Democrats are concerned about kitchen table issues; crime, well-paying jobs, equal rights, pensions, the availability of quality health care, good schools, and the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors of New Mexico.

We now have well over half of the Democratic caucus in the State House that these progressive groups elected. They strike fear into the hearts of their elected officials to vote as they dictate lest they lose their support system that got them elected.

They continue to demonize industry, corporations, developers, oil and gas – yet these entities pay over a third of our state budget. No one has a more vested interest in New Mexico than the oil and gas industry, developers and business owners. Progressive groups send letters, use social media to demonize anyone who accepts contributions from developers, business owners and oil and gas. Yet their banner candidates such as Kristin Ortez, Susan Herrera, Andrea Romero and others all happily accept contributions from other elected candidates who gladly accept maximum contributions from developers and oil and gas, such as the President Brian Egolf and Chef Javier Martínez. Progressive candidates take the money and claim they are above taking money from corporations, developers or oil and gas.

The Democratic Party is a big tent, and we welcome everyone, and progressives have a right to elect candidates and they have a right to be at the table – but when they run the table and demonize other Democrats , we risk alienating our Democratic voters. If our elected officials do not represent the interests of the voter, bad things happen. The Democrats have a strong majority, but that may change if we don’t get back to the fundamentals that made the Democratic Party great. I am a proud democrat, but I worry about the direction our party is taking.

If this continues, it will be the demise of the Democratic Party.