Michael Reagan: After Roe, there’s no time to party

It’s been a fabulous week for conservatives, Republicans and millions of ordinary Americans.

I’ve applauded all of the recent Supreme Court blockbusters — for moral, political, and personal reasons.

I am 100% pro-life. I believe adults should be free to own and carry firearms. I believe there should be more prayer in schools, not less.

And I don’t want unelected federal bureaucrats writing environmental laws or anything else Congress should write.

But the Court’s 5-4 decision last week to overturn Roe v. Wade and returning the “regulation” of abortion to the states, where it always belonged, pleased me doubly.

This week, when I was talking about abortion and adoption to a group of teens at a Young Americans Foundation event, I repeated something I wrote that I already spoken several times.

I first asked the young curators to imagine what the world would be like if the person sitting next to them had never been born.

Then I told them the story of Sarah Jean Maysfield, whose family couldn’t afford a child and literally left her on a neighbor’s doorstep.

I told them how this neighbor took her in, legally adopted her, and changed her name to Sarah Jean Faulks.

I told them about Nancy Robbins. The day he was born, his father left his mother because he didn’t want children. Nancy was then adopted by the doctor who had married her mother.

And then there was John L. Flaugher. He was born to a young woman from Ohio who had been pregnant by a married man. After giving birth to John alone in California, she had him adopted.

So, OK, I asked the kids, what’s the deal with these “unwanted” unknown babies?

Well, Sarah Jane Faulks was Jane Wyman, an Oscar-winning actress, the first wife of Ronald Reagan and my mother.

Nancy Robbins, who will be adopted by her mother’s second husband, Dr. Loyal Davis, becomes Nancy Davis, the actress, second wife of Ronald Reagan and first lady of the United States.

And John L. Flaugher, the baby put up for adoption in California by his single mother, is actually the author of this column.

So I asked the kids, imagine what life would have been like for the Reagan family – or the world, for that matter – if those three babies had been aborted instead of adopted?

During the half-century of on-demand abortion Roe made possible in 1973, an estimated 63 million future Americans were suffocated.

Disproportionately black and brown lives, no one knows how much good they could have done for themselves, their families and the rest of us if they had been lucky enough to live.

Again, I’m proudly pro-life. But I’m also really, really, really pro-adoption.

In post-Roe America, it will be up to those of us who are pro-life to support adoption in any way we can.

We must be there with our love, our time, our money and our political influence to help all single mothers keep and raise their “accidental” babies. Especially if they are our own daughters.

If mothers decide they can’t keep their kids, we pro-lifers have to work overtime to make sure they get adopted and don’t end up falling victim to our horrible foster care system. family.

More importantly, we pro-lifers must use our political powers in red and blue states to get rid of the overly strict and convoluted adoption laws that often make it harder and more expensive to adopt American babies than foreign babies.

Getting these state laws changed to make adoption easier and more common is the responsible, moral, and practical response to Roe’s end.

Now is not the time to sit back and celebrate because we won the constitutional battle over Roe.

For pro-lifers, the work to bring more babies alive into this world – and to love and care for them – has only just begun.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, political consultant and author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press). Send feedback to [email protected] Follow @reaganworld on Twitter. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, which owns the newspaper.