Letter: NDGOP actions undermine the party | Letters to the Editor

For many years I have been a keen observer of politics. What I’m seeing right now is an implosion of the Republican Party.

From my perspective, it started at the top with a Democrat elected Republican Governor and then US Senator. Then a Republican Apostle ran for the Senate by going rogue and bypassing the party convention process; the current governor followed….

We have seen the Republican governor being sued by his own party’s legislative super majority and a Republican state auditor being heavily armed by that same legislature. A separate faction of Republican lawmakers formed, creating acrimony and discontent at home.

We are now seeing the degeneracy at the local (and most important) grassroots level. Grassroots Republicans, who at the local level paid district party dues and attended local district conventions; who voted and endorsed candidates, are told by their own governor, legislative leaders, and district party officials to support the unendorsed legislative candidates. District party funds are funneled to campaigns of unapproved candidates.

A strong political party is characterized by the extent of its organization at the local level. The current actions of the governor, legislative leaders and district party officials who provide support and funding to unapproved legislative candidates are undermining the party.