Kansas abortion vote proves Dobbs right, proves democracy is alive and well

Kansans has just proved it: Democracy works. Just as the Supreme Court said when it overturned Roe v. Wade in June.

Tuesday, the voters of the fort Republican The state overturned a ballot measure to reverse the court’s decision that recognized the right to abortion in the Kansas constitution. The vote sent an unmistakable message of public support for abortion rights in the first major test since the court’s Dobbs ruling overruled Roe.

This is what the judges expected throwing Roe: not banning abortion, but letting Americans decide for themselves what restrictions they want in their states.

Many pro-choice activists claimed that Dobbs banned abortion, but the judges simply concluded that nothing in the US Constitution forces States to authorize the procedure.

Indeed, it was deer — citing an elusive constitutional right to abortion (supported by a later decision, Casey) — which sought to impose unilateral rules on every state, the complete opposite of democracy.

Yes, some states will now maintain severe restrictions on abortion; but others, like the deep blue New York, are extremely liberal on the issue. And now even Kansas (again, a right-wing state) has reaffirmed the right to process. This is democracy at work, and it completely justifies Dobbs.

Voters mark their ballots in the primary election and abortion referendum at a Wyandotte County polling place in Kansas City, Kansas on August 2.

Too bad for the hesitation of activists in the face of the supposed loss not only of the right to abortion, but also of democracy itself. So much for the ugly threats of violence from the militant pro-choice mob: the California man who sought to kill Judge Brett Kavanaugh (and two other conservative judges). Team Biden’s encouragement of illegal protests outside judges’ homes. The despicable and racist attacks of the left against Judge Clarence Thomas.

These are the ones who really want to stifle democracy and impose their opinions on us all. Pro-lifers may be disappointed with the Kansas vote, but all The American should be proud to have shown that democracy was alive and well in the United States.