Jonathan condemns party primaries and hits lawmakers – The Sun Nigeria

By Emma Emeozor

Ancient President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday described the current party primaries as a failed process.

The former president, who has been tough on aspiring politicians and lawmakers, spoke at the launch of a book titled: ‘Governance of Political Parties’, written by the former Minister of State in Power , Mohammad Wakili.

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He also chastised those who called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the amended election law for ignoring due process in the office of the president. Jonathan went further by attacking lawmakers, saying that the laws being crafted by current lawmakers appear to target individuals rather than working for the good of the country.

According to him, political parties must be allowed to adopt their own process for selecting and electing their candidates.

Expressing his position on the ongoing party primaries, Jonathan said: “These entire primaries taking place across the country are a mess. This is not common practice. The process failed.

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He frowned at the prompting of the delegates by the aspirants. He said it was shameful to goad delegates into getting their votes and then asking for a refund after failing to get tickets.

Adam Namadi, son of former Vice President Namadi Sambo, had demanded a refund from delegates whom he accused of not voting for him after collecting money from him.

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He only got two votes in the People’s Democratic Party primaries in the Kaduna North federal constitution of the House of Representatives.

Sambo was Jonathan’s deputy and former governor of Kaduna State from 2007 to 2010.

Jonathan expressed hope that a repeat of the 2022 primaries will not happen again in the country’s political history.

“We cannot use the process to elect the president, governors, senators and members of the House of Representatives and others.

“The process is already a failure, which is not good for the country. But we will manage and move on. We pray for good people to come. I hope what happened this year 2022 will not happen again in this country,” he said.

In order to halt the trend, Jonathan urged the National Assembly to pass laws to criminalize the incitement of delegates and voters. He also wants the National Assembly to remove sections from the electoral law on how political parties must select candidates for election.

Jonathan said: “The National Assembly cannot make laws and lock all political parties together. Parties have different ways of nominating candidates and the process is enshrined in their constitutions.

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