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The Idaho Democratic Party Convention is coming up next weekend in downtown Boise, and honestly, I couldn’t be less interested in attending. The convention was being held in Caldwell, about 30 minutes from Boise, which was a good opportunity for Boise latte liberals to get out of their comfort zone and attend an event in a town where Idaho Democrats are fighting an uphill battle to flip the seats in the state legislature. Now, instead, Idaho Democrats are holding their convention less than a mile from the loudest, but least effective, Democrats in the state.

I have a lot of respect for the people who organize the convention as well as for those who attend. Especially those who travel hundreds of miles to be part of the Democratic process. Whether you are a Democrat or not, these people deserve our admiration for their dedication to party, state and country.

That being said, downtown Boise is about the safest space for Democrats in our great state. I understand. Placing the Convention within walking distance of Idaho’s largest concentration of Democrats makes good business sense. But, from a winning perspective, the leadership of the Idaho Democratic Party should demand more of its supporter base. Specifically, Democratic supporters in Idaho should demand more of themselves. If you value opportunity, prosperity, and security in our great state, then you are an Idaho Democrat whether you realize it or not. You’d better be knocking on doors in freaky neighborhoods than spending a weekend in downtown Boise discussing national issues.

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I have attended one Democratic Party convention in Idaho in my lifetime and was not impressed. One of the launch speakers laid out the basic rules of swearing. Anyone caught swearing had to pay into the “swearing jar” which was used to cover the costs of crisps and water. The purpose of the obviously goofy message was to remind speakers to be civil. Instead, this innocuous reminder turned into a 20-minute debate about “haves” and “have-nots.” The idea being that those who could afford it could curse all they wanted, while those who didn’t have the money had to keep quiet. It was the dumbest debate I have ever heard. I haven’t been to a Democratic convention in Idaho since.

I have no doubt that this weekend’s Convention will address the arrests of white supremacists in Coeur d’Alene, the pending anti-abortion ruling from the United States Supreme Court and all the other anti-Idaho rulings that your legislators of State support. These are important discussions worth discussing in order to arrive at a cohesive, pro-Idaho platform.

Unfortunately, I fear that little is said about the need for the people of Idaho to elect state legislators who believe in opportunity, prosperity, and security for our families. Like I said, if you believe in these values, you’re an Idaho Democrat, whether you realize it or not. Specifically, I fear there is no message about service, volunteerism, or the work ethic to get more Democrats elected to office statewide.

Which is why I’m going to be knocking on doors in Caldwell for a nominee while the Democrats fight over the swearing pot.

If you are a true Idahoan who values ​​prosperity for Idahoans, I encourage you to skip the Idaho Democratic Convention and volunteer for a campaign instead. Your time will be better spent knocking on doors, making phone calls, or doing whatever you can to flip seats in our excellent condition. We have a right-wing party determined to keep working people in Idaho poor so they can either control their vote or convince them it’s not worth voting in the first place.

Getting Idaho on the right track won’t be easy. Then again, nothing worth fighting for comes easy. For my part, I will be knocking on doors this weekend to help elect a Democrat from Idaho over a white supremacist. I think that’s the least I owe the cause.

I hope you will feel the same.

Jeremy J. Gugino is a Democratic communications volunteer.