I will work on issues that Sun readers care about from day one, says Rishi Sunak

TACKLING illegal migration is one of five major emergency responses I will tackle in my first 100 days as Prime Minister.

People are tired of seeing small boats coming to this country and the authorities seem powerless to stop them.


Rishi Sunak says: ‘Combating illegal migration is one of the top five emergency responses I will tackle in my first 100 days as Prime Minister’Credit: Reuters

I know Sun on Sunday readers are patriotic and generous people who want to help those who play by the rules.

But they are rightly baffled that the government cannot stop boats from drifting hour by hour onto Britain’s beaches.

Like many of you, I voted for Brexit in 2016 to regain control of our borders.

So we can and will stop the boats under my direction.

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I will bring the best of the British to stop the smugglers, using our military, intelligence and diplomatic prowess.

I will make the Rwandan plan work.

And I will give Parliament control over the numbers we accept so that your MP gets a vote for you.

Nothing will be on the table.

I will take an approach of realistic goals with incentives for people who meet them and penalties for those who don’t.

I will not hesitate to give migration a more prominent role in foreign policy.

If a country does not cooperate in taking back illegal migrants, I will not hesitate to reflect on our relations with them in terms of foreign aid, trade and visas.

It is part of my plan to tackle the biggest emergencies facing the country as I shape my approach on other issues such as the NHS and the economy.

Just over 12 years ago, a Labor minister scribbled a devastating one-line note to leave on the desk of his Tory successor as he ran out of office.

It read, “Dear Chief Secretary, I am afraid to tell you that there is no money left.

As I gave a speech at Grantham yesterday, I thought to myself that there had never been a better illustration of Lady Thatcher’s famous assertion that ‘Labour governments are always short of other people’s money’.

We Conservatives are not short of money.

We are solving the Labor mess.

We balance the books.

We get things done and we’re always the most trusted in the economy.

That’s because, like Sun on Sunday readers, true conservatives do the hard work before enjoying the fruits of success.

And that is how my government will be run, true to the conservative values ​​that have made us the most successful democratic party in the history of the Western world.

Yesterday I explained how to clear the NHS backlog.

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Today we have a plan to stop the boats.

I will get to work from day one on the issues that matter to you.