Hearings show how fragile democracy is

Kathy Sheridan,

City of Jefferson

Mr Editor;

I am writing to object to cartoonist Jim Dyke’s disgusting contribution to your op-ed page who declared “everyone is laughing” during the January 6th hearings. If that’s true, “everyone” doesn’t watch them.

It’s deadly serious. Nothing less than our democratic republic is at stake. If you don’t want the government to be decided by the majority of the people, what do you want?

I watched in horror as people invaded the Capitol, smashing windows and breaking into these hallowed halls, only to learn that they were armed (yes, armed!) with zip ties, hockey sticks, cattle prods and sharp flag poles. I kept asking myself, “Where’s the National Guard?” only to learn that the President, who had sworn to protect and defend, refused to call them and was indeed encouraging his personal army.

Citizens who testified at the hearings are overwhelmingly Republican, expressing concern over the insurgency and The Former Guy’s attempts to retain power. The radical right has had nearly two years to produce credible evidence of voter fraud and has yet to be able to do so. Meanwhile, the scam continues with the Big Lie and the resulting donations to his so-called defense fund.

True patriots will attend the hearings and learn how fragile democracy is. Steps must be taken to strengthen our electoral processes so that the next megalomaniac cannot succeed. If we don’t learn from the mistakes of the past and take them seriously, we really won’t have “a country”.

Mr. Dyke is the reason I was sure the News Tribune was a Republican rag, and I laugh every time an opinion piece suggests he’s too liberal.