GFP pledges to solve the problems of seafarers in Goa | Goa News

Margao: The GFP will do all it can to address and resolve the concerns and issues of seafarers in Goa, said GFP Chairman Vijai Sardesai. He also said that political leaders and decision-makers must recognize the essential role that seafarers play in the global supply chain.
The GFP chief said issues relating to the welfare and safety of seafarers remain unresolved and unresolved, which often means seafarers in Goa face more uncertainty on land than at sea.
“I will work on a definitive roadmap that will comprehensively address and seek to resolve the issues facing our seafarers,” Sardesai said during a speech on the Day of the Seafarer. I have to admit that the sailor’s journey from Goa has not been smooth.”
He said the State must recognize the essential and indispensable role and immense contribution that seafarers make to international trade and industry.
“We appreciate seafarers and the work they do less. This must change. Society leaders like us must take time to work closely with organizations such as the Goan Seamen Association of India to find ways to popularize and put into perspective the vital role our own seafarers play in our lives. daily,” Sardesai said.
He said lawmakers must question the safety and well-being afforded to seafarers and their families.
“I pledge to do my best to solve the problem of perception and reality of seafarers and to use my offices to create the political infrastructure necessary to ensure a good life for our seafarers.”


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