Experts weigh in on impact of key issues on 2022 and 2024 elections

In case you missed “On the Hill” this Sunday, two political pundits joined the show to talk about several big stories coming out of Washington DC this week, including how President Biden’s approval rating and the January 6 hearings will impact the midterm elections, and whether Donald Trump should be considered the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

Tom Fitzgerald sat down with Kerry Picket from the Washington Times, and Dominique Montanaro from NPR for more information on these latest developments.

Fitzgerald first asked the pundits about the midterm elections and how Democrats, who hold the majority in the Senate and House, feel ahead of the crucial midterm battle and election. presidential election in 2024. Montanaro responded that the election could come down to key issues like record gas prices and inflation in the country, which could spell disaster for Democrats.

“Republicans are still heavily favored to take over the House because of what you’re talking about. I mean having gas prices above $5 a gallon, inflation being the highest since, you know, decades it’s been that hard for a president plus when you look at those approval ratings you look inside those numbers 39% is one thing it’s pretty much like what the former president Trump had, for example, for a while. I think we’re stuck in an era of polarization. But you also have independents who have really distanced themselves from President Biden,” Montanaro said.

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Fitzgerald then asked Picket whether the January 6 hearings to be held on Capitol Hill will impact the midterm and presidential elections. Picket said they could have an impact, but adds voters have other, more pressing issues on their minds.

“The Democrats are basically using these hearings, these investigations, basically as one big, long political ad to really weaken President Trump. and at the time it happened, and look, I was on Capitol Hill when it happened and it certainly shocked everyone and it really angered people, but at the same time the American people in their together is starting to wonder whether or not Democrats are really going to start talking about inflation, talking about bread and butter issues, and that’s something that Democrats are really going to have to start balancing in a particular way.” , Picket told FOX 5.

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Fitzgerald then turned the spotlight to former President Trump and his planned 2024 presidential campaign. He asked the experts whether other Republicans would run in 2024 against Trump, and how the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the abortion could have an impact on her race.

Montanaro responded about other candidates running in 2024, saying Trump was the frontrunner at the moment.

“President Trump is still the elephant in the room, so to speak. I mean, no matter who decides he wants to try to run, he’s always going to be the person he has to try to take down and you know , the Republican strategists I’ve spoken to said that one of the problems they think has happened with Trump’s overreaching is that there’s no as a sustained effort to send a message to the Trump base in the way Trump is doing. They feel like he put the bullhorn down, they put the bullhorn down on him. So I think there’s people who are at least challenges, and I think the January 6 hearings, even though there isn’t some sort of prosecutable evidence, that there may be a lot of Republicans saying look, we want someone who culturally is going to be with us, but not necessarily bring all the drama,” Montanaro explained.

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The recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe V. Wade adds to former President Trump’s moment. Fitzgerald asked if the decision, which was made possible by Trump’s three judicial nominations, will help Trump in his presidential campaign.

Picket replied that while that might help, it remains a big question as the 2024 presidential election nears.

“You see, one of the things that a lot of Republicans like to say is ‘oh, we like his politics, we like what he’s been able to deliver’ and that’s one of the big things he can definitely take credit for themselves,” Picket explained. “At the same time, it’s like these same Republicans are generally praying, ‘please don’t shoot yourself in the foot and please just stay off Twitter.’ And that’s kind of the big problem they sometimes have with him.”

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As for other Republicans who could run against former President Trump in 2024, experts said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could be the biggest challenger.

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