Commies, Congis & Sanghis, let’s bury the real issues and deploy the political bulldozers

Let the protests rage in the streets, with no divine intervention or magic wand in sight to stop this cycle of bullshit played out by key players in Kerala’s political theater of the absurd.

It will play out, leaders embroiled in controversies will come out unscathed, and stupid wills will cover our political spreadsheet no matter who is on either side of the divide.

The gap is between those who are in power and those who are not now.

So let’s first bury the issues that have stoked these raging fires – gold smuggling through diplomatic channels, nepotism, a thug culture promoted in the name of political freedom, the police raj, flag protests dark and the embers of religious and communal sectarianism.

Because, the black, although currently in vogue because of a sudden hatred developed by the powers in place, is doomed to fall into oblivion.

Choose only the three major players in Kerala’s political spectrum – the CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF), the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) and a motley BJP-led NDA that runs the Center.

All of these players are associated with all of the aforementioned vices – read the virtues when you’re on the safe side.

Thus, the protests that take to the streets of Kerala are more about political one-upmanship and not moral elevation or compulsive consideration for the betterment of a society or a state.

We have a front in power that denounces the fascist tendencies of the Centre. It encompasses the same levels of arrogance across our spectrum when it comes to dealing with political rivals.

He showed blind disregard for the convenience of the public or the high seat of the top leader of the state when he was in opposition.

If you can look back, former CM Oommen Chandy was injured after being pelted with rocks by an unruly mob in the communist stronghold of Kannur, where the current CM, Secretary of State of the CPM and Head of DFL.

LR: The police clear the way for the car of Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan. On 27 October 2013, the car of then CM of Kerala, Oommen Chandy was stopped and attacked by DYFI militants in Kannur.

The attack on the former CM and his cavalcade happened when he was scheduled to attend a state police-related function.

The CPM workers’ “right to demonstrate” by throwing stones and injuring the incumbent chief minister was based on his alleged involvement in the solar scam, which then propelled the then opposition to power.

No question of propriety in creating a reign of terror was then raised by the CPM.

The same CPM is now crying foul. He hates black flags, he bogeys a terrorist-type bombing plot when two passengers, raised slogans and black sheets on a flight in which Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was traveling.

Youth Congress workers were also protesting, although somewhat more peacefully, against the alleged links of the CM, its senior officials and its friends and relatives in a gold smuggling affair.


Youth Congress workers arrested and expelled by police in Kannur. Photo: Sameer A Hameed/Manorama

The driving force behind both cases is protest against powers that operate a system of personal aggrandizement.

It’s not anyone’s case that just because the CM escaped unscathed in this instance is a lesser offense.

Protesters inside the plane were also likely causing inconvenience to passengers. They are likely to invite penalties under civil aviation rules on unruly passengers. They must be punished, without fail.

By the same standard, the in-flight conduct of the DFL manager should also invite scrutiny.

So, let’s jump into a hypothesis, as our comrades-in-arms so often do.


Members of the Youth Congress protest against the CM inside the flight, while PE Jayarajan reacts. Photo: Manorama Online

What if the CM was heckled on the flight?

No imagination is needed to visualize the ensuing scenario. If slogans against a CM can invite wanton destruction of property and unequivocal threats of “on the ground” retaliation against political rivals, imagine how far executives will go to avenge a perceived injustice to their political master.

And we needn’t expect healthier voices of caution from a front celebrating violence – one defendant in a crowd of cases was given a hero’s welcome as cops looked elsewhere only l another day before his incarceration.

The celebration was not because he had been acquitted, but because his “bold deeds” were at the behest of the party and its student wing.

So why did the cops allow such disregard for norms? If such a report is indeed true, the only plausible explanation could be the men in khaki’s lack of courage to rein in the young comrades, whose political masters are ruling the state for the second consecutive term.

So while we can go on and on about the brazen acts of comrades and the cowardly existence of law enforcement, there must be an end to the blame game.

And we also have to look at the other players.

The UDF and the BJP-led NDA are not saints simply because they lack the organizational might of the CPM.

They have and can indulge in wanton destruction with reckless abandon as we have seen countless times – only that such PMO actions invite scrutiny.

The issue here isn’t about freedom of speech or protest, it’s about a culture that creates heroes out of thugs who can dazzle in the act of violence or destruction.

Police use water cannons on Youth Congress protesters in Kannur. Photo: Sameer A Hameed/Manorama

Many of them get away with getting closer to their political affiliations and are even rewarded – the defendant in the aforementioned case who received a garland was recently rewarded with the post of Secretary of State of the SFI .

So who suffers? Only lower executives against whom cases are slapped and knives have come out on the other side of the political spectrum.

And their loved ones.

This is why we must bury the real problems and deploy political bulldozers to erase these cries of hatred, destruction, bigotry and herd mentality which can only harm everyone.

Now you know why bulldozers, like Black, are hot in political parlance now, but can disappear into backyards once new non-issues arise.