Bulitavu confirms his departure from SODELPA and seeks a new party – FBC News

Mosese Bulitavu, MP of the Liberal Social Democratic Party.

Liberal Social Democratic Party MP Mosese Bulitavu is planning to join another political party for the upcoming general elections.

Bulitavu confirmed this today following a statement by SODELPA leader Viliame Gavoka that Bulitavu and two-thirds of his sitting MPs have decided to leave the party.

Gavoka says that only seven incumbent SODELPA deputies have submitted a new request to contest the election under the party banner.

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He adds that they don’t blame those who have decided to leave.

“I would have liked them to join the line-up, but they decided to go elsewhere. No strong emotions. Finish your term, serve your people because he was elected by the people and that’s everything. No strong emotions.”

Gavoka says Bulitavu is young, bright and energetic, and even if there were differences, they would deal with them openly.

Bulitavu says he has not expressed interest in staying with SODELPA and has not been approached by the constituency he represents, so he is now looking to join another party.

“I will have to decide that, this month and next month, which party I will join.”

SODELPA has announced 40 provisional candidates. However, Seremaia Tuiteci, was excluded from the lot for allegations of image damage and attacks against the public as well as members of SODELPA.