Border issues between India and China would be resolved by mutual agreement: Jaishankar

Thiruvananthapuram, July 11 (IANS): External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said on Sunday that the central government is willing to resolve the border issues between India and China on fair, equitable and mutually agreed terms.

“We can’t solve it by one country saying that’s the solution, and for us to accept it,” he said during a speech during a program organized by the Kerala unit. from the BJP, “Interaction with Yuva voters”, at the Tennis Club here.

The Union Minister said that many students are going abroad for higher education and to get these students to study in India, the government will put in place a new policy.

He said brainstorming with educational institutions inside and outside the country will be done before such a policy is discussed.

The minister said this referring to the evacuation of students from Ukraine when war broke out in that country.

He said that after the Narendra Modi-led government took office, several positive changes took place in the country.

The foreign minister said the world is watching India’s attitude to the Ukraine crisis carefully.

Jaishankar said India’s fight against Covid was appreciated around the world. He said that if ten or fifteen years ago, if something like Covid had happened, the country would have waited for what the world was doing and “waited our turn for medicine and vaccination”.

“Today we are one of the largest countries with the highest vaccination rate,” the minister said.

He said India’s start-up environment has grown by leaps and bounds under the patronage of the central government.

The Union Minister said that several progressive developments were taking place in the health sector under the Narendra Modi government.

He also said the government is taking a firm stance on the border issues facing the country and the India-China border issue.

The Minister also said that several foreign countries are currently investing in India and this is due to the secure environment that the government was providing.

More than 150 students from Thiruvananthapuram and surrounding areas participated in the interaction.

BJP Thiruvananthapuram District Chairman VV Rajesh was also present.